About Thriftwoods Time Co.

Founder of Thriftwoods Time Co., Dave Mytych, was inspired to create his own watches after finding out that almost all of the wood watches on the market today are manufactured overseas. In the spirit of sustainability and not exploiting the natural resources of other countries, he set out to create a watch made from wood and other non-traditional materials that are both eco-friendly and fashionable, right here at home.

Thriftwoods Time Co. is based in the East Falls neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA. Dave and his team are constantly inspired by nature and the waterways of the city, which are plentiful and diverse. The city also has a rich watchmaking history. For two and a half centuries, immigrant clock-makers in the city used their talent and skill to craft world renowned works of art and functional timepieces. Eventually, Philadelphia’s clock and watch industry was overcome by a more competitive global market, but Dave and Thriftwoods Time Co. are hoping to change that and bring watchmaking back home to Philadelphia.

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